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DLSL’s Renovated Café Barako Relaunched

De La Salle Lipa formally blessed and relaunched the newly renovated Café Le Barako last February 22 inside the school grounds. The café is inside the Chez Rafael, a laboratory hotel built in 1997 for Hotel and Restaurant Management students and named after the school’s late President Br. Rafael Donato FSC.Like the rest of the hotel, the café serves as a laboratory where students can practice skills learned in their lecture rooms. However, it also has its own staff to serve the needs of patrons when no student practicum classes are scheduled. 

The growth in recent years of Hotel and Restaurant Management enrollees made the renovation not only of the café but also the rest of the hotel imperative.

Ms. Geness Aclan, Manager of Chez Rafael, told Food Batangas that the renovated café can now accommodate 120 guests for plated service and as many as 150 for buffet service. A VIP room can seat as many as 16 guests.

To expand the café’s floor area, three single rooms of the hotel’s original wing had to be taken over. To compensate, the school had earlier built a four-story annex to the hotel which made available more rooms not only for practicum students but also for guests of the school.

The café’s kitchen has also been improved and expanded and is similar in design to the kitchens used by HRM students on the hotel’s ground floor.

Aclan further told Food Batangas that the newly renovated café’s theme for its décor revolves around the idea of Batangas and of being in Batangas. Paintings of various types of coffee beans are hung on the walls while pictures of coconut trees are framed in wood up in the ceiling of the café.

The relaunching ceremonies were attended by school officials as well as invited guests from the business and academic sectors. Ms. Joy Zapata, Dean of the school’s College of International Hotel and Tourism Management, was present to welcome guests along with Ms. Evangeline Necio of the school’s Hotel and Restaurant Management Department, and Chef Shirley de Jesus, Head of the school's culinary arts academy.

Refreshments prepared by the café’s own staff were served after the brief relaunching ceremonies.

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