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Anchor Point, a Seaman’s Story Told through Its Cuisine

Anchor Point, a delightful little restaurant in Mataas-na-Kahoy, is the story of a seaman’s life told through the diverse international cuisine that it serves with a passion to its customers. That seaman is Rogelio Templo, Jr., a DLSL BSHRM graduate who owns Anchor Point with his wife. His story was narrated to Food Batangas by Memen Magdaluyo, one of the restaurant’s operations partners.

When Templo started boarding ships to be taken to horizons far and wide, he initially worked at humble jobs such as cleaning the crew’s quarters. In time, he would be transferred to the kitchen. He would cook meals daily under the supervision of a senior chef. Later, he would undergo formal training and became Chief Cook on board.  Not only was he learning recipes cooking for the ship crews that he served, he was also able to learn diverse cuisines from the ports that his ships visited.

Templo would eventually find it difficult to be separated from his wife and family, as is often the story of the overseas Filipino worker. When he had saved up enough to start a business, he decided to make full use of what he had learned from his travels abroad. This was why Anchor Point was opened in February of 2016.

The delightful American combo.  The burger is honest and beefy, the chicken tasty and the spaghetti quite wonderful.

The restaurant’s name was carefully thought out. Its offerings, Magdaluyo told Food Batangas, represents places where the ships Templo boarded dropped anchor or visited. Moreover, the restaurant was conceived to be a place customers would remember for a good experience and return to as a personal “anchor points.”

Hence, Anchor Point is the place to go to get a taste of the world and its diversity of cultures. Among its set meals, there is a wisp of Spain in the spicy gamba, affordably priced at ₱130. Those with a craving for something Italian can opt for the shrimp olio pasta (₱115), Bolognese (₱89) or carbonara (₱89). For those wanting to have American, chicken wings are available done Texas style in hot buffalo sauce (₱95).

The Supreme Pizza with shrimp and beef toppings is subtly spiced and will not overwhelm.

The Orient is also represented in the new offering chicken teriyaki noodles (₱89). Of course, anyone who wishes to stay close to home and ask for Filipino comfort food will be delighted with the lechon kawali (₱95) or the crispy sisig (₱95).

There is an assortment of burgers to choose from. Captain’s Crave goes for no more than ₱79 ala carte. Quarterdeck and Royal Caribbean both go as low as ₱115, both ala carte. Anyone particularly hungry can ask for the Deck Master, a double deck quarter pounder which goes for only ₱165 ala carte. Finally, for the daring, there is the Black Out, a humongous triple decker quarter pounder with egg, hash brown, ham, cheese and veggies (₱420).

Pizza lovers will find delight in the English Margerhita (₱149, 12”), Vegan Garden (₱199, 12”), Hawaiian Sunset (₱169, 12”), Jeane’s Pizza (₱210, 12”) or the super loaded Anchor’s Point Supreme Pizza (₱250, 12”) and All Meat Special (₱225, 12”).

The Atlantic combo will be perfect for anyone looking for a seafood meal.

Diners may also avail of a variety of combination meals which are, in keeping with Anchor Point’s theme, tantamount to taking a tour of the world. These include the American combo (₱165), the new Oriental combo (₱139), Asian combo (₱125), Atlantic combo (₱145) and the European combo (₱175). A 10-piece bucket of chicken fritoz goes for no more than ₱175. Family combo meals are also available for four persons (₱550) and six persons (₱859).

An Anchor Point franchise is also now open near the Maligaya Compound in Tanauan City. New stores are scheduled to open later. The one in the Dagatan area of Lipa City is scheduled for a grand opening on 22 May 2017. Meanwhile, another store in Sto. Tomas close to the south-bound exit of the STAR is targeted to be opened in June.

After dining choose from a variety of desserts.

Food Batangas highly recommends Anchor Point. The food is not only inventive and excellent but is reasonably priced. The staff is pleasant, alert and eager to ensure that customer experience is optimal. The restaurant in Mataas-na-Kahoy, at least, is away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and has a homey feeling to it. Parking is available.

Anchor Point is open from 11 in the morning to 9 at night.  To learn more about Anchor Point, please visit their web site or Facebook page.