Buro or Pickles

Batangas has not forgotten the art of making buro or pickles, and many markets still sell these in large containers.

Batangas lomi

Batangas lomi, invented in Lipa City, is notable for the absence of vegetables and its thick delicious broth.


Buchi-buchi, a traditional Filipino snack, is still sold in many markets around Batangas.


Those of younger generations will probably say banana cue, but there are those in Batangas who still refer thos favorite as sundot-saging.


Called bilo-bilo or paridusdos elsewhere, Batangas' pinindot is frequently just plain rice balls sometimes with bits of sweet potato or nangka.

Benoks: Innovating Lomi, Chami and More

Food aficionados in Lipa City will be privy to the existence of this small but excellent restaurant called Benoks at the Fiesta World Mall in Marauoy, a suburb of the city. Although the mall does not quite these days occupy the same esteemed position in the city that it once used to enjoy, there are still plenty of reasons to go. Benoks is one of these.

Quality Service and Excellent Food from Louie and Chit Catering Service

There is a lifetime of experience that the 54-year old Leotildo ‘Louie” Viceral – born and raised in Taysan, Batangas – brings to his flourishing catering business. Louie and Chit Catering Service: this is the name of the food business that Louie owns and operates with his wife, the former Chita Edra of Rosario, Batangas.

Halô-Halô and Mais Con Yelo at Rori’s in Bauan

Visit Rori’s Refreshment and Eatery in the municipality of Bauan, Batangas around mid-afternoon and in most likelihood you will find that many of the patrons – whether young or old, particularly on a hot and humid day – digging into tall tumblers of either halô-halô or mais con yelo. At least, this was the scene that greeted me over the weekend when I went for some snacks.

Bebe’s Pizza and Pasta in Bauan

The Municipality of Bauan is a town located just to the northwest of the much larger and more cosmopolitan Batangas City. It has a land area of 5,331 hectares and a population in excess of 80 thousand. Despite its proximity to Batangas City and despite the arrival of several large multinational companies that set up shop within the town, Bauan has retained its classic Batangueño charm.