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Bebe’s Pizza and Pasta in Bauan

The Municipality of Bauan is a town located just to the northwest of the much larger and more cosmopolitan Batangas City. It has a land area of 5,331 hectares and a population in excess of 80 thousand. Despite its proximity to Batangas City and despite the arrival of several large multinational companies that set up shop within the town, Bauan has retained its classic Batangueño charm.

Sleepy coastal town Bauan is no more. Its narrow streets are often filled with vehicles as often happens to any place alive with economic activity. The people, though, continue to be as warm and hospitable as they have always been.

Warm and hospitable are also the best words to describe Bebe’s Pizza and Pasta, a homey little restaurant right in the heart of Bauan. Red-bricked portals welcome customers into a neat well-maintained place. The décor is minimalist but tasteful and excellently done. The furniture is wooden and matches the wall-painting. Everything about the restaurant feels like a nice family’s well-kept home.

While the ground floor is airconditioned, a flight of stairs leads to a second floor that has a veranda the looks out to the town. As with the ground level, the second floor is just as spotlessly clean and tastefully decorated.

Although the name of the restaurant suggests Italian cooking, in fact the restaurant’s offerings are diverse. There are Mexican tacos, nachos and burritos. There are all-American favorites like hotdog sandwiches, potato fries and chicken fillet burgers. There are value and combo meals as one can find in every diner.

The restaurant’s specialties, as its name suggests, are the pizza and pasta. For the former, on offer are Hawaiian Delight, Mexican, Italian and the bestselling Bebe’s Pizza Overload. The last is a mouthwatering combination of ground beef, pineapples, bell pepper, onions and ham topped with cream. It is not only a feast for the stomach but for the eyes as well.

Among the pasta offerings are spaghetti, carbonara, baked penne and lasagna, all reasonably prices along with all the other offerings of this excellent little restaurant right at the heart of Bauan.

Those who may happen to be in Bauan for whatever reason, check out Bebe’s Pizza and Pasta. It is right along Kapitan Ponso Street and is between Reyes Haircutters and a Mercury Drugstore.

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