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Halô-Halô and Mais Con Yelo at Rori’s in Bauan

Visit Rori’s Refreshment and Eatery in the municipality of Bauan, Batangas around mid-afternoon and in most likelihood you will find that many of the patrons – whether young or old, particularly on a hot and humid day – digging into tall tumblers of either halô-halô or mais con yelo. At least, this was the scene that greeted me over the weekend when I went for some snacks.

Everyone’s enjoyment was apparent; so much so, as a matter of fact, that I thought it made sense to order both for myself and my companions.

The halô-halô was delightful. It had no ube – which could have been something of a disappointment – but there was so much nangka and strips of melon in it that more than made up for the ube’s absence.

Moreover, I learned that just about everything that was in the halô-halô was meticulously prepared by the diner staff unlike other places where they serve manufactured preserves taken off grocery shelves. The ice, too, was scraped ice as authentic halô-halô used to be served in the past.

The mais con yelo, meanwhile, arrived topped with both ice cream and leche flan and was just as delightful as the halô-halô. Both were priced at 40 pesos and were comparable to those served in most of the big fastfood chains.

Apart from the halô-halô and the mais con yelo, Rori’s also offers noodle-based dishes as one would find in a panciteria: canton, bihon, miki, lomi and mami. A bit pricey, perhaps; but since I did not order noodles, I have no way of saying if any of these were good value for money.

Rory’s Refreshment and Eatery has been operating for roughly 20 years. It is located along San Pablo Street in the Municipality of Bauan right next to the public market.

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