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Meet Patrick Maravilla, Chef and Teacher

Meet Chef Patrick Maravilla, a young man who has an ongoing love affair with food and cooking. At the moment, though, he is very much enjoying his life as part of academe. Yet, by his own admission, he may yet one day decide to go ahead and fulfill a dream of owning his very own restaurant.

At the moment, teaching is as much a passion for Patrick as his toque and apron. He is a college instructor at De La Salle Lipa, one of the more prestigious schools in the province of Batangas. There, he teaches students who are enrolled in the school’s HRM and Tourism programs.

Being a college instructor has not been a hindrance for Patrick to pursue his culinary dream. While teaching in the college, he was trained to be a chef by no less than the head of LICA, the school’s culinary academy.

Not one to sit on his laurels, apart from getting his culinary arts certificate, he went on to enroll at the prestigious Henry Sison Culinary School in Makati.

Currently, Chef Patrick considers pastries and oriental cuisine as his specialties; although suffice it to say that he can learn and cook anything that he puts his mind to.

In spite of all these studies in the world of the culinary arts, Chef Patrick has not neglected his role in academe. He dreams of obtaining a doctorate degree one day.  He has already begun taking up the graduate course MBA-HRM at St. Paul’s College - Manila.

Food and cooking, though, are in his soul. He confesses that not only are these his personal passions, he also finds great joy in cooking for members of the family and close friends.

“I love spoiling members of my family by making special dishes for them,” he told Food Batangas.

He has also cooked for celebrity Chef Henny Sison as well as entertainment personality Enchong Dee.

Chef Patrick so loves the province of his birth that, if ever one day he gets the chance to live and work abroad, he will miss Batangas’ cool climate, the hospitality of its people and the diversity and sumptuousness of its food more than anything.

Strange as it may sound because Chef Patrick has the skills to take on any nation’s culinary specialties, but if he does work abroad someday and will needless to say be spoilt for food choices, he thinks that what he will nonetheless miss more than anything a simple dish that his province of birth is known for: the lomi.

“Since I was a kid,” Chef Patrick said, “I have counted lomi as among my favorite foods.” Then, after a moment, he added, “Bulalo as well…”

Who knows, though? Maybe if Chef Patrick decides to one day open that restaurant that he has been dreaming of, he may not even need to leave these shores.