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Organic Farming in Lipa

Eduardo Samaniego is a licensed Mechanical Engineer who once worked for San Miguel Corporation. Then one day, he decided that while a promising career in a top corporation had its perks, what he needed more was to get outdoors.

So he left San Miguel and became a gentleman farmer.

That was years ago. These days, Samaniego maintains two farms in Cavite after having penetrated the food market by way of hard work and quality produce.

Not that work is really of the same meaning to Samaniego as it does to everyone else. He is a subscriber to the notion that work ought to be something that one should enjoy doing; and farming to him is exactly that.

Samaniego’s engineering background meant that the use of technology in farming was always going to be of interest to him. Thus, his first farm in Tagaytay, called Zacky’s Farm, was not only an exercise in agricultural entrepreneurship but likewise an experimentation in the hydroponic method of growing plants.

This method does away with the use of soil but instead feeds mineral nutrients to the plants by way of water solutions.

Samaniego now counts Rustan’s among the establishments that he supplies with produce. He also provides vegetables to various restaurants and food stores.

Samaniego recently leased a property in Marawoy, a barangay in Lipa City. With younger brother Rolando, he has started an organic farm and has started to grow loose-leaf lettuce. He prides himself in growing vegetables untarnished by chemical toxins used either for fertilizer or as insecticide.

The vegetables are grown in greenhouses and are fertilized using fermented plant juice and composted wastes. Samaniego is interested in using beneficial insects to control pests but bemoans the lack of these insects in the market.

Apart from lettuce, the Samaniegos have also planted arugula (also called roquette or rocula), amaranth, basil and parsley.

Anyone interested in the organic farm or in buying produce may contact Roland Samaniego at 09054617928 or his wife Genny Samaniego at 09175041918.

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