Buro or Pickles

Batangas has not forgotten the art of making buro or pickles, and many markets still sell these in large containers.

Batangas lomi

Batangas lomi, invented in Lipa City, is notable for the absence of vegetables and its thick delicious broth.


Buchi-buchi, a traditional Filipino snack, is still sold in many markets around Batangas.


Those of younger generations will probably say banana cue, but there are those in Batangas who still refer thos favorite as sundot-saging.


Called bilo-bilo or paridusdos elsewhere, Batangas' pinindot is frequently just plain rice balls sometimes with bits of sweet potato or nangka.

Hanzel’s: As Perfect as a Bowl of Lomi Can Get

There is this lomi joint called Hanzel’s just to the west of the main gate of Fernando Air Base in Lipa City that can serve you close to the perfect lomi if there is such a thing. Notice, though, the use of the word ‘can’ instead of ‘will.’ Consistency can be an issue.

Spicy Sautéed Tofu with Vegetables

Those who have cooked tofu before will know how extremely versatile it is; and also how it blends perfectly with soy sauce – not to mention the fact that it is very healthy. This recipe is incredibly easy to prepare and even easier – and extremely fast – to cook. It may be served with rice as a viand or seen as a complete meal by itself. The chili will give it some bite and make it very appetizing.

Shrimp Adobo

This will probably be the quickest – not to mention among the tastiest – recipe that can be found on Food Batangas. It can be done in less than five minutes and requires minimal preparation. Yet, once served it will be not only truly Filipino as only adobo can get but will also be as tasty as a dish can get.