Buro or Pickles

Batangas has not forgotten the art of making buro or pickles, and many markets still sell these in large containers.

Batangas lomi

Batangas lomi, invented in Lipa City, is notable for the absence of vegetables and its thick delicious broth.


Buchi-buchi, a traditional Filipino snack, is still sold in many markets around Batangas.


Those of younger generations will probably say banana cue, but there are those in Batangas who still refer thos favorite as sundot-saging.


Called bilo-bilo or paridusdos elsewhere, Batangas' pinindot is frequently just plain rice balls sometimes with bits of sweet potato or nangka.

Ginataang Okra (Okra in Coconut Milk)

If you are fond of okra, then you will find this delightfully simple recipe very useful. It is quick enough to prepare and just as quick to cook. It makes full use of the okra's versatility as a vegetable by blending it with coconut milk, the latter in itself remarkably versatile. The result is a dish that surprisingly highlights the sweetness of the okra that is not otherwise evident in other dishes for which it is used.