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Mamoi’s Barbecue: A Young Entrepreneur’s Venture

Young Jenica Moira Dimaunahan of Lipa City went the path of many university graduates like her and joined up with a local BPO industry as a startup job. It was a sensible first step to financial independence.

A few years later, she was done with the nocturnal life of a call center agent and with her savings prepared to return to the world of daytime economics. Her college program, after all, was Entrepreneurship.

In May of 2017, she put to good use accumulated knowledge from years of collegiate education to start her first entrepreneurial venture. This is Mamoi Barbecue in Lipa City almost at the intersection of Ayala Diversion Road and T.M. Kalaw Street.

Mamoi's Barbecue is almost at the corner of Ayala Diversion Road and T.M. Kalaw Street in Lipa City.

The name Mamoi, she told Food Batangas, was from her second name Moira; albeit we all immediate suspect that there is a cheeky reference to the pork of her fledgling business’ primary product.

The barbecue itself is pure lean meat, soft to the bite and flavored with just the right balance of sweetness, saltiness and sourness. The only fat customers will find, she laughingly says, is when she is around.

That said, her mind is not closed to offering barbecue with some slices of fat for customers who love a tinge of sinfulness in their pork. In fact, she is experimenting with other flavors to widen her product range.

Mamoi’s barbecue currently goes for ₱20 apiece. Sisig and grilled hotdogs are also available as alternatives.

Apart from its trademark barbecue, Mamoi's Barbecue also offers delectable sisig.

Mamoi’s Barbecue is at present just a small startup stall along the street corner. Its reputation continues to grow and it has started to receive bulk orders from individual customers and offices around the city. If its initial success continues, we may all be seeing other Mamoi stalls not just in Lipa but in other cities and towns as well.

At present, Mamoi’s Barbecue is open from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening.