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High Quality Locally Grown Black Pepper from Ibaan, Batangas

Black pepper being sun-dried.
Black pepper being sun-dried.
Article contributed by Maika Zapanta.

Black pepper or piper nigrum is a flowering vine in the family piperaceae. It is a very common ingredient in our food. It is always paired with salt used as seasoning to have a tasteful meal for your loved ones. It has been known to have a strong aroma and taste of spice which is the reason black pepper (paminta in Tagalog) is called the King of Spices.

But have you ever thought what it takes for black pepper to get from the farm to your kitchen table? Do you know its benefits? Do you know how to recognize high quality black pepper?

Black pepper cuttings.
Black pepper cuttings.
Unknown to many of us, black pepper is a tropical plant which according to studies has good benefits to our health such as:
  • prevents the spread of cancer cells
  • helps in the digestion of food
  • helps regulate blood sugar
  • helps lower blood pressure
  • increases the body's resistance to fight bacteria
  • reduces fat and lipids and serves as anti-oxidant

Black pepper ready for harvest.
Black pepper ready for harvest.
The healthy substance and chemicals you can get from black ppper are the following:
  • piperine
  • alkamides
  • piptigrine
  • wisanine
  • dipiperamide D
  • dipiperamide E
  • chavicine
  • oleoresin
Luckily, we have high quality black pepper available locally, and these can be found in Batangas and in many other areas of the country. It has a relatively uniform black color and has a strong and flavorful taste.

While we encourage everyone to support and be proud of our high quality and locally grown "paminta," it is disheartening to know that there are people who sell fake black pepper at a lower price. As Batangueños, however, this is not where we stop. Instead, this is where we stand.

Harvested black pepper.
Harvested black pepper.
At Wow Paminta, we are committed to help the community by educating people about how to recognize good quality black pepper. We supply the community, whether for household or market use, 100% pure and high quality "paminta" (whole, crushed and fine black peppers and "paminta" cuttings) at reasonable prices.

For those interested, please contact Red and Fe Zapanta of Wow Paminta at 09258471962 or 09228182717. Their family-owned farm is located at Sto. Niño, Ibaan, Batangas. They also have a store in Biñan, Laguna (Southwoods City Exit).

At the Wow Paminta Farm.
At the Wow Paminta Farm.