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“If it’s food and if it’s in Batangas...”

It’s our aim to be as unpretentious a food web site as one can ever get. If it’s about food and if it’s in Batangas, logistics permitting we will try our best to write something about it.

We aim to feature food, recipes, diners, restaurants, catering services, resorts and just about anything that has any sort of relation to food in Batangas.

It’s our aim more to bring these things to the public’s attention than to make any expert recommendations. Whether a particular food or restaurant is good or bad, we leave it to you, the public, to decide. It’s the thrill of discovery that makes food so special, after all.

We do not intend to be a snobbish little web site that features only posh restaurants around the province. We do not mind featuring some humble lomi haus or gotohan somewhere or any of the ubiquitous turô-turô diners that students and truck drivers frequently visit.

We will feature even those humble kakanins that one can only find in the palengke or those countless pasalubongs that people peddle in the busstops.

We have no sense of ethnocentricity, either. Even if it’s an Ilocano or Kapampangan diner, as long as it’s in Batangas, it’s good enough for us to write about, too!


We have no pretensions about being culinary experts. We are just like everyone else. We need to eat; we like a bit of variety; and we do not mind trying out some food joint somewhere.

Do not expect to find technical culinary stuff and jargon which we ourselves do not understand, anyway. We will write as our taste glands dictate and leave the rest to you.