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You can send e-mail to contact@foodbatangas.com for any of the following:

If there is any specific topic, whether about a restaurant or a particular foodstuff, that you would like to read about, tell us about it and we will consider it.  Please make sure that you identify yourself so that we can mention your request if and when we decide to write about your requested topic.  As a site policy, though, we will only consider requests from senders who have duly identified themselves.

Are you from Batangas and do have a special homemade recipe that you would like to share with others?  Send in your recipe with several digital pictures (in .bmp, .jpg or .png format) of the food as well as yourself and we will post this in a special Recipes page that we are waiting to make available for visitors to enjoy.  Make sure you give us your full name as well as the name you choose to call your recipe along with a short description of yourself.

Do you own a food establishment in Batangas that has or will have promotional offers?  Send the particulars to us and we will post these for free in a Promos page that we are waiting to make available for visitors to see.  Please include the name of the food establishment, its address and particulars of the promo.  You may also send in digital art related to the promo in .bmp, .jpg or .png format.

If you own a food establishment in Batangas and would like it to be reviewed by staff of Food Batangas, send us an e-mail with the name of the establishment, its address and a short description of the food and amenities that the establishment offers.  Please also send at least one digital picture of the establishment in .bmp, .jpg or .png format.  We will e-mail you back if we think your invitation is worth considering.  We will be needing travel allowances for at least two staff members if and when we visit your establishment.

Contributed articles are welcome although we cannot guarantee that anything that is submitted will be published.  Any article submitted must be about food or a food establishment in Batangas, at least 600 words, typewritten single-spaced with no indentations in MS Word or equivalent and must be written in the English language.  Submissions must include the full name, a short description and a digital picture of the author.  Pictures (in .bmp, .jpg or .png format) relevant to the topic that the article is about are expected.

Because of time constraints, we cannot promise to respond to all e-mails that we receive.  However, what we do promise is that all e-mails except those sent anonymously – will be read and considered.

Our e-mail address:  contact@foodbatangas.com