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The Homey Comforts of Seafood in the Bucket in Lipa City

Seafood Bucket is right along the highway
 in front of Fernando Air Base in Lipa City.

Food Batangas caught up with Jonas de Villa, a.k.a Chef Jonas, at his newly-opened homey restaurant called Seafood in the Bucket in barangay Sico, Lipa City. Homey is as appropriate a description of Seafood Bucket as one can get, as indeed Chef Jonas rents what used to be a family home along the national highway right in front of Fernando Air Base.

It was inside the base that Chef Jonas grew up as part of an Air Force family. Rather than build a career for himself in military service as many Air Force children do, Chef Jonas opted for an alternate career route and worked for many years as an OFW of the culinary industry in the Middle East.

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