Buro or Pickles

Batangas has not forgotten the art of making buro or pickles, and many markets still sell these in large containers.

Batangas lomi

Batangas lomi, invented in Lipa City, is notable for the absence of vegetables and its thick delicious broth.


Buchi-buchi, a traditional Filipino snack, is still sold in many markets around Batangas.


Those of younger generations will probably say banana cue, but there are those in Batangas who still refer thos favorite as sundot-saging.


Called bilo-bilo or paridusdos elsewhere, Batangas' pinindot is frequently just plain rice balls sometimes with bits of sweet potato or nangka.

Anchor Point, a Seaman’s Story Told through Its Cuisine

Anchor Point, a delightful little restaurant in Mataas-na-Kahoy, is the story of a seaman’s life told through the diverse international cuisine that it serves with a passion to its customers. That seaman is Rogelio Templo, Jr., a DLSL BSHRM graduate who owns Anchor Point with his wife. His story was narrated to Food Batangas by Memen Magdaluyo, one of the restaurant’s operations partners.

Successful First Honey Fair Held in Lipa City

The different honey and honey by products offered by the Lipa Beekeepers Marketing Cooperative

An estimated 6,000 guests visited the 1st Honey Fair held at The Events Center of SM City Lipa last February 17-22. Participating in the unique fair were the Lipa Beekeepers Marketing Cooperative, Mira’s Honeyed Turmeric, Dielle’s Apiary and Meadery, Charlene’s Cakes, Cookies and Pastries, Flora’s Garden, The Bee Hive Farm and Kitchen and SM Supermarket.

International Appeal and Flavors from Local Entrepreneurs at SM City Lipa

These sumptuous looking takoyaki balls are sure to surpass the taste expectations of those who will get to try it. Add a little more of the shredded dried meat called bonito, these meal is sure to give the authentic Japanese taste for only 65 pesos. 

An emerging term “glocal” has been getting a lot of attention these days. It is a fusion of the words “global” and “local,” and is generally understood to mean a local product with an international appeal. Local entrepreneurs such as the owners of JingZai Takoyaki, Sushi Teriyaki and Evolution Coffee Roasters thought of ways to go glocal as their business models.

Allegra’s Kitchen Now Open at SM City Batangas

Ribbon-cutting during the opening ceremonies for Allegra's Kitchen at SM City-Batangas City.

Readers who are based in or who live close to Batangas City and are looking for a new and different dining experience may wish to make the drive to SM City and try Allegra’s Kitchen. The restaurant offers western cuisine. The SM City-Batangas City branch is the Allegra’s Kitchen’s fourth.

New Restaurants Open this December at SM City Lipa

Japanese Pepper Lunch Steak is an amazing dish with sizzling tender sukiyaki beef, pepper, rice and a delicious amakuchi and karakuchi sauces that can be on your table in less than 30 minutes.

Three more restaurants were due to open this December at SM City Lipa, the mall’s administration announced recently by way of a press release. These restaurants provide mall visitors more dining options, particularly during the Christmas season when the mall like others in the country are abuzz with customers. Here are the new restaurants at SM City Lipa:

Yo Dawg in Lipa City: Changing the Food Scene While Eager to Please

There is this unpretentious food joint tucked away inside a village in Lipa City that has taken to heart the art of pleasing. Yo Dawg, a cosy little restaurant inside Villa Lourdes Subdivision just in front of De La Salle Lipa, is so named, the owners told Food Batangas, because it is an open invitation to dine.

A Bit of Wow in the Bulalo at Wow Bulalo

Food Batangas visited this homey little restaurant along MK Lina Street in Lipa City called Wow Bulalo for a taste of, you guessed it, the very bulalo after which the place has been named.

The bulalo served here is not your traditional Batangas bulalo which is basically just beef swimming in broth simmered for hours on end. Instead, it is more like the homey sort of bulalo that mother is rather wont to serve with bits of beans, cabbage and potatoes.

Of course, the bulalo is always judged by the taste of the broth. While here the broth does not have the oomph of that served by this famed roadside diner to the north of Batangas, we still have to agree that yes, it does have a bit of wow.

A feel of home dining at Wow Bulalo.

Two bahay kubos complete the homey ambience.

This is bulalo stripped of hubris and its very simplicity is what makes it delightful. Unlike that served in other joints where frightful grease floats at the top of the bowl, at Wow Bulalo the broth is refreshingly clear yet still surprisingly tasty.

The beef has been sliced thinly across in fair servings and is tender unlike in other bulalo joints where the meat can be coarse and chewy. The vegetable is fresh, crisp and complements rather than detracts from the taste of the broth.

A small bowl good for one person goes for PHP 120 while a large bowl good for as many as five goes for PHP 450. Those who wish to stay away from the uric acid may opt for other offerings such as the crispy pata, tilapia or sisig, among others.

We cannot, however, vouch for any of these as we really just went for the bulalo; and if just for this alone, we are happy to say that Wow Bulalo is definitely worth a visit.

Wow Bulalo's signage.  This diner is right across the Metro Lipa Water District main building.

It is certainly an attractive option for anyone pining for home-cooked traditional Filipino – if not particularly Batangueño – food but too lazy to actually do the cooking. There are even two bahay kubos to complete the homey ambience.

Wow bulalo opens as early as nine in the morning but those who may wish to go for supper will also be happy to know that the place serves beer and may also be the perfect place to unwind after work.

The place is easy to find since it is located right across the main building of the Metro Lipa Water District in Balintawak, Lipa City.

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